Chemical polishing of stainless steel metal surface


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Patented tube polishing, rust, large, extra-long, S tube-tube can be

Diameter:0.05M~4M Length:0.5M~12M

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Stainless steel tube polished metal tube wall can, the ground was very uniform and bright, without fear of the presence of dirt and rust, serve to ensure the food, chemical, semiconductor factories and chemical products delivery of clean, two of the products kinds of effects:

1.Avoid catching the fluid in the pipe roughness, the product FIFO.

2.Avoid solid pipe roughness and friction, resulting in the occurrence and accumulation of powder.

The Company is a professional factory polished tube to provide a seam and seamless stainless steel tube polishing operations: 12M or less in length, 3mm above the hole, roundness and eccentricity less than 2mm may apply to processing, polishing the surface roughness up to Ra: 0.2 (# 400), the successful development of processing methods can be described as the first, patent number: 7,205,762 ensure consistent quality, fast delivery.


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